Corporate Social Responsibility

The foundation of Orion Chem Pvt. Ltd. to give back to the community was laid down by its founder Mr Rajrattan Mohatta. He began his journey as a small sales man of detergent to growing his business with two factories. It wasn’t about how small or big an industrialist he became, he always believed in giving back to the community from his beginning years. Initially it was about spending on his employees well being, children’s education and marriages or helping people by giving loans at zero interest or mostly never recovering the money. As an individual he has participated in many causes to support communities for social well being and environmental well being,

Today, we move forward with his philiosophy of the "More you give, the more happiness you receive". Currently as a company and individuals, we support different causes.

Community Services

  1. Manchester Day of Action : Aligning the University's third strategic goal: Social Responsibility . To take part in a local community or charity project and refer it as Manchester Day of Action.
  2. Running for Tata Marathon to support Teach for India
  3. Participated in Rally for Rivers
  4. A regular contributor to recording books for National Association for the Blind
  5. Teaching aerial silk in collaboration with fly high aerial art company to the underprivileged and the blind
  6. For sponsoring the locals food during the time of the Mahad bridge collapse.
  7. Donating clothes and participating in an event where in you donate clothes on display and let the underpivleged shop these at zero price.
  8. Attending and participating exhibitions laid down by NGOs.
  9. Providing free samples to educational institutions for further research and development in their field.
  10. Providing education sponshorship to St. Peters School, Mazgaon, Mumbai.