Antimony Tri Sulphide

Antimony Tri Sulphide It is manufactured in both black lumps and powder forms. It is used in initiatory and pyrotechnic composition.

Uses: In initiatory and pyrotechnic composition.

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Products Details

Product Antimony Tri Sulphide
CAS Number 1345-04-6
Molecular Formula Sb2S3
Property Limits
Appearance Black lumps or crystalline powder free from visible impurities and foreign matter.
Volatile matter (at 100 to 1050C for 2 hours) percent Max 0.03
pH of aqueous extract 5.5 to 7.5
(a) Total percent by mass Min 22.0
(b) Free percent by mass Max 0.2
(a) Total percent by mass Min 70.0
(b) Free percent by mass Max 4.0
Antimony Oxides calculated as Sb2O3 percent by mass Max 20.0
Other metals calculated as Sulphide by mass Max 1.5
Matter insoluble in Aqua Regia Percent by mass Max 0.25