Diglycolyl Chloride

Diglycolyl Chloride is also known as 2,2'-Oxydiacetyl Chloride

Diglycolyl Chloride is an acid chloride derived from diglycolic acid. It is fuming, clear, white, heavy liquid with pungent odour. It is used in the synthesis of esters and amides of diglycolic acid.

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It is an acid halide

Used in the synthesis of ply(ether ester)

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Products Details

Product Diglycolyl Chloride
CAS Number 21062-20-4
Molecular Formula O(CH2COCI)2

Diglycolyl Chloride

Diglycolyl Chloride manufacturer in india

Diglycolic Acid Specification

Test Parameters Specifications
Formula Weight 170.98
Appearance Clear fuming Liquid
Boiling Point in degree Centigrade at 2mm of Hg 84-87 0C
Purity 95% Min.