Diglycolic Acid (2,2′- Oxydiacetic Acid)

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Diglycolic Acid is known by its abbreviated form (DGA) & also known as 2,2′-Oxydiacetic acid.

Used for removal of limescale deposits in gas and oil bores, as well as in systems such as heat exchangers or steam boilers.

It is used in preparation of glycolides which in turn is used to manufacture sutures.

Diglycolic acid is a dibasic acid and has been utilized in the manufacture of adhesives, as cleaning compounds for automotive radiator cooling systems,

Used in the chemical industry as organic synthetizers, in buffers for pH control in chemical operations, as a sequestering agent for calcium and iron, and generally as a neutralizing agent.

It has been utilized in finishes for coatings for metal and wood.

It has been utilized in inks in the form of resins.

It is found in metal, petroleum, plastics, rubber, and textile industries for a variety of purposes.

It has also found use as a descaling agent for radiators and sterilizer equipment.

Products Details

Product Diglycolic Acid (2,2′- Oxydiacetic Acid)
CAS Number 110-99-6
Molecular Formula C4H6O5

Diglycolic Acid (2,2′- Oxydiacetic Acid)

Diglycolic Acid (2,2′- Oxydiacetic Acid)

Diglycolic Acid (2,2′- Oxydiacetic Acid) Specification

Test Parameters Specifications
Formula Weight 134.09
Appearance White crystalline solid free from visible impurities and foreign matter.
Melting Point in degree Centigrade 141-142 0C
Min. Assay 98% Min.