Tris-1- (2,Methyl Aziridinyl) Phosphine Oxide (MAPO Grade - 2)

Orion Chem is manufacturer of Tris-1- (2, Methyl Aziridinyl) Phosphine Oxide (MAPO) in india, with state of art manufacturing facilites in MIDC Tarapur, Maharashtra, India , our utmost attention is given to generate quality products meeting stringent and demanding specifications of user industries.

Tris-1- (2, Methyl Aziridinyl) Phosphine Oxide (MAPO) is known by its abbreviated form . It is used in manufacture of MATO, which is a bonding agent for solid rocket propellants . MAPO is also used as coating agent for ammonium per chlorate, an oxidizer used in propellants. MAPO is available in two grades namely 92% min. reactive amine and 96% min. reactive imine content.

Uses: Used in the manufacture of bonding agent (MATO) for solid rocket propellants

It is used in the aerospace industry.

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Products Details

Product Tris-1- (2-Methyl Aziridinyl) Phosphine Oxide (MAPO)
CAS Number 57-39-6
Molecular Formula C9H18N3OP

Property Min. Max.
Appearance Water white to straw coloured viscous liquid.
Moisture, WT. % 0.75
Assay by Imine Number, Wt. % 92
Total Chlorides, Wt. % 0.75
Hydrolysable Chlorides, Wt. % 0.25
Methanol Insoluble, Wt % 0.01
Viscosity at 250C, cps 50
Density at 250C, g/cc 1.065 1.080
Refractive Index, ND 250C 1.4780 1.4815