Glycidyl Azide Prepolymer (GAP)

Orion Chem is manufacturer of Glycidyl Azide Prepolymer (GAP) in india, with state of art manufacturing facilites in MIDC Tarapur, Maharashtra, India , our utmost attention is given to generate quality products meeting stringent and demanding specifications of user industries.

Uses:Energetic binder and plasticizer for rocket propellants. Plasticizer in plastic bonded explosives

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Products Details

Product Glycidyl Azide Prepolymer GAP
CAS Number 121-14-2
Molecular Formula


Glycidyl Azide Prepolymer (GAP) Specification

Test Parameters Specifications
Appearance Brown coloured free flowing viscous liquid
Appearance Purity (Nitrogen Determination) Not less than 98 % w/v
Molecular Weight 400 +- 50
Functionality Linear Hydroxyl
Branched Azide
Hydroxyl Value mgs KOH/gm 350 +- 50
Specific Gravity at 25 0C 1.25-1.3
Moisture Not more than 1.00%