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Hydrazine Carbonate

Hydrazine Carbonate

Product Hydrazine Carbonate
CAS Number 10195-79-6
Molecular Formula



Manufacturers & Exporters of Hydrazine Carbonate from India.


Test Parameters


Appearance Colourless, odourless liquid
Concentration 70%
pH 7.8- 8.2
Specific Gravity at 25C 1.31-1.33
Iron 0.0003% Max.
Azides 0.01% Max.
Sulphates 0.002% Max.
Chlorides 0.0005% Max.

Hydrazine Carbonate

Orion Chem is manufacturer of Hydrazine Carbonate in india, with state of art manufacturing facilites in MIDC Tarapur, Maharashtra, India , our utmost attention is given to generate quality products meeting stringent and demanding specifications of user industries.

It is manufactured as 80% w/v liquid. It is used as reducing agent and in manufacture of organic hydrazine derivative. It is also used as rocket fuel.

Uses :Manufacture of organic hydrazine derivative.

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