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Para-tertiary butyl Calix[4]arene

Product  Para-tertiary butyl Calix[4]arene
CAS Number 60705-62-6
Molecular Formula


P-tert-butyl calix-4-arene manufacturer in india


Test Parameters


Molecular Weight



White to light beige colour crystalline powder.

Melting Point in degree Centigrade

342-344 C

IR Spectrum

Confirms to the structure

Proton NMR

Confirms to the structure

p-tert-butyl calix-4-arene is produced by base induced condensation of p- alkyl phenol with formaldehyde. Calixarenes generally are basket or vase shaped macrocyclic compounds of potential interest for host-guest complexation studies. Calixaranes have hydrophobic cavities that can hold smaller molecules and ions. With modification, p-tert-butyl calix-4-arene derivatives exhibit great selectivity towards other cations and form complexes with lanthanides and actinides. Therefore, p-tert-butyl calix-4-arene is the most accessible of all known macrocyclic cavity-containing compounds for preparation of calixarenes carrying variety of groups both on upper and lower rims. Calixaranes are used in ion sensitive electrodes or sensors, optical sensors, etc.

P-tert-butyl calix-4-arene also know as calix arene, calix-4-arene, calix 4 arene, para tertiary butyl calix 4 arene, calixarene, ion sensitive electrodes or sensors, optical sensors

P-tert-butyl calix-4-arene is also manufactured in india in the outskirts of Bombay approximately 120 Kms away on western highway at Plot No E-111, MIDC Tarapur Industrial Area, Maharashtra, India.



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