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Cold Soluble Starch




Directions for Use

Sprinkle required quantity of starch in plain water with stirring. Allow the starch to swell and dissolve for a short time.

During Cold Climate

The starch can be dissolved very conveniently if stirred in warm water.

For Best Results

Use this suggested proportion for 5 meters of fine cloth for every colour. (1 1/2 table spoon-20gms). For Heavy Finishing- Add 3/4th ltr water, For Medium Finishing, Add 1 lts water, For Light Finishing - Add 2 ltr (warm water)

To ensure Best Results

After dissolving the starch, stain the water and then immerse each garment to be starched seperately.


Manufacturers & Exporters of Cold Soluble Starch from India.

Cold Soluble Starch

Orion Chem is manufacturer of Cold Soluble Starch in india, with state of art manufacturing facilites in MIDC Tarapur, Maharashtra, India , our utmost attention is given to generate quality products meeting stringent and demanding specifications of user industries.


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